CAD Smiles is an innovative way to cater to a person that wants a new smile without having a second appointment.

We will go to the office, design your smile while you are in the chair, customize and finish it within only a few hours.

CAD Smiles provides an excellent service to CAD CAM dentists and delivers a high quality product with 100% success.

Why CAD Smiles?

  • You get a brand new smile in ONE visit!
  • No temporary pieces to worry about falling out before a second appointment.
  • Happy Patients!

How Can I Find CAD Smiles?

Find your nearest CEREC DOCTORS and see if you qualify for a smile you’ve always wanted.

How to find a doctor:

  1. Click on Locations. We have a list of hundreds of doctors who have worked with us to change lives with CAD Smiles.
  2. Visit where you can find a CEREC DOCTOR who is closest to your area. In the case that we do not have them on our list, you can ask them to talk with us about making your smile beautiful in just one day.
  3. If you already have your personal dentist and do not want to change a new one, we can now work with doctors who do not have CEREC. We have the ability to provide them with the equipment necessary. Just ask your doctor to contact us.